Angela Agenlian-Neuert, MA, LMFT

Embodied Soul Presence Psychotherapy, License #52197
874 Gravenstein Hwy South, Suite 1, Sebastopol, CA
(707) 206-6422


Wholistic Psychotherapy

Uniting Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit

As a soul centered and somatically oriented therapist, I work experientially with the wisdom of the body to address the core material and suffering that clients bring to therapy. Relational dynamics are at the heart of my approach and I revel in collaborating with individuals, couples and groups to create health and well being in their inner and outer relationships.  In a safe, nurturing and beauty-filled environment, I help clients to “be with what is” and tune into their innermost authentic natures.

I have studied well-developed and effective techniques at length to:  assess resources (anything that helps people experience competency), quickly engage core material (where wounding occurred as a result of a lack of resources) and experientially introduce new resources/options to bring about change where change happens.  I work with mindfulness practice, direct somatic experience (the experience that the body feels), parts work and genuineness within the therapeutic relationship to stay present with and sensitively respond to clients’ moment-by-moment unfolding experiences.

I work well with anyone interested in personal and/or spiritual growth work as well as with those feeling marginalized and seeking freedom from internalized oppression.  I have extensive experience working with people in the healing/caring professions and delight in working with wounded healers or anyone who might benefit from a deeply refined and skillful approach.


Angela at River #107

Sacred Soul Work

I hold the art of psychotherapy as sacred work.  It is my honor and intention to support clients to experience greater comfort in themselves and to live from their greatest creative potential.

To schedule an appointment or a free 20-minute phone consultation, please call: (707) 206-6422.

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